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Greetings. Welcome to unverifiably wonderful world of Exclaim Industries, brought to you live from the Exclaim Industries server labs! Exclaim Industries is the home of one Nicholas Killewald, hosting projects, webspace, email, and other services for a few users, or just one. It may not be the biggest server out there, but it's got a good heart.

  • Lexstar 6000 — A small AJAX-based weather map and current conditions report for the Lexington, KY area. Intended for kiosk-style display, the Lexstar 6000 is a side project I developed to be set up in the lab where I work. The map will update every half-hour, as will the current conditions data (assuming said data can be retrieved from NOAA).

  • Geohash Droid — An implementation of Randall Munroe's Geohashing algorithm on Android phones. Currently a simple sort of app, but it gets the job done.

    If you have concerns or issues with it, please either email me or add the issues to the tracker at Google Code.

  • Autofox — Autokeen parsing script, co-written with Nicholas Knight of RunawayNet. Parses pages written for the Comic Genesis webcomic hosting service. Still in development, but fully-functional.

    While no new features are planned for the immediate future (besides web-based management), I have been given the maintainership position for Autofox. Any questions go to me. Any major future versions may break direct compatibility with AutoKeen, but will add new features.

    DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor Nicholas Knight are affiliated with Keenspace Comic Genesis in any way.

  • Beakertron 2.0 — A complete overhauling of the Conversawang Q&A website software, currently in use at Ask Dr. Science (no, probably not the one you're thinking of). This project involves rewriting virtually all code and converting the previous database to a more robust format. This will all be in MySQL and PHP. Project presently in hibernation.

  • FotoFoo — A Java GUI client for LiveJournal's FotoBilder (scrapbook picture hosting) service.

  • The Dump Bin — A CGI directory listing script, written in Perl. Intended for quickly listing files in a given directory, as well as adding descriptions and thumbnail images, plus a user comment system.

    The Dump Bin was my first Perl project of any significance. However, it has fallen out of use over the years. The mythical Dump Bin 3.0 may or may not ever see the light of day, but the last 2.x version has been taken out of use on this server. The source is still available for download, though.

  • Simple Turing Machine Emulator — A Perl program that provides rudimentary Turing machine emulation. Used as the final project for CSE343, Theory of Computation, at Oakland University. Comes with a sample instruction set to convert a simple algebra equation into RPN.

  • Project Constantinople — A message board script, written in Perl. Currently in an unfinished state relative to the planned features for it. Used as the final project for CSE445, Database Systems, at Oakland University.

    This has similarly fallen out of use due to age and my lack of current demand for a message board.

You might also be interested in The Dementia of Magic, my fantasy webcomic. It just keeps going.

The site redesign will add a login system, as well as more content to view. Stay tuned.

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